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Pilates Wellbeing Day 

Join Anna for a day of self care amidst the tranquil beauty of the Somerset Levels. This Pilates Wellbeing Day offers a practical approach to holistic wellness

Sunday 8 September 2024, 10am-5pm at Tractors & Cream, Othery, Somerset

Cost: £80 including lunch and afternoon tea

inside dome.webp

Enjoy a day of workshops in a beautiful setting

tractors and cream.jpg

Take time for yourself in the stone circle

tea hut inside.jpg

Relax with refreshments in the tea hut

What's Included:

  • Meditation: Begin with a calming meditation session to center your mind and prepare for the day ahead.

  • Pilates workshop with Anna suitable for all levels, focusing on whole body strengthening

  • Lunch and Afternoon tea

  • After lunch enjoy a gentle yoga stretching session to release tension, promoting relaxation and flexibility.

  • Gong Bath: Rest in the healing vibrations of sound with Selkie Sound Healing

All activities are optional and there is plenty of beautiful space to spend some time alone

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